Salon Policy

Late/No-show/Cancellation Policy

We ask that you need to contact the salon if you’re over 10 minutes late for your appointment. If you arrive late, we will do our best to hold your reservation and accommodate you, but if you do not let us know, your appointment will be considered as a walk-in, and you might not have your required tech to take care of you.


We are required to make a deposit for a group of 5 and up. 10$ per person will go toward your bill if you all show up on time, but if you short anyone will be 10$ taken away from your deposit, or you will lose all if you do not show up.


We don’t have a refund policy. So sorry for any inconvenience.


We can repair your nails or answer any questions you may have for free if you call us and schedule an appointment. We provide a seven-day guarantee on all nail repairs, including gel/polish chipping, breakage if the nails were too thin when first enhanced at our salon, or any issues related to the application during the appointment/service.

This includes nail repairs resulting from excessive force (damage caused by blunt force, nail fractures, bleeding nails), as well as nail enhancement disfiguration (biting, filing down your fingernails at home).

Whenever you notice any issues with your nails, feel free to contact us immediately so that we can accommodate your next visit. Charges will be applied to any issues brought up after the 7-day period.

We are always willing to assist you if you encounter any problems with your services.

Gift Card:

We don’t sell gift cards online or take a payment over the phone for security purposes. You need to come to the salon to purchase it. Sorry for any inconvenience.